Grade 10 Experience the Natural Beauty of Bali

Day 5- Farewells and Fond Memories

Today is the final day of our trip. We said farewell to the entire staff at Bali Kuno yesterday and it was bittersweet. Throughout the trip, we learned how detrimental CO2 emissions were to the environment. In addition, we were able to experience many eco-friendly places and activities that helped us understand more about the solutions for CO2 and how we can help to reduce it.?

We ended our stay the same we started, by hiking, enjoying the wondrous views of nature and tasting the local fruits, like the coconut, to heighten the Bali experience. We were very proud that throughout our time in Bali we did not use any plastic products. For example, each day during our meal we used a coconut shell as our bowl to drink soup and our forks were made out of wood. This trip opened our eyes to the possibility of living sustainably by giving back to the earth rather than taking. Bali showed us how we could do this at home. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ??

We ended our hike with a fabulous lunch and then proceeded to the local market to play Scavenger hung. This activity required strong collaboration skills and leadership, as teachers separated us into four groups and each group had to work together to figure out the questions on the given sheet. The entire event lasted about 75 minutes but it went by quickly because everyone was focused on winning. It was a great time and we all enjoyed competing against each other. ? ??

We gained a lot more than we expected and we have nothing but fond memories of our experience here.

ISNS G10 student

After the scavenger hunt, we visited a local market where were challenged beyond our comfort zones to haggle with prices with each vendor. This was a new experience for most of the group. In the end, we all walked away satisfied for engaging in a new experience as well as a really cool souvenir.?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ??

When we returned to the?hotel, we enjoyed dinner that was accompanied with the performances from local dancers and musicians. The meal was delicious and the performance brought everyone’s emotion up. Some of us even went up on?stage and sang along with the band. Everybody ultimately ended up singing and had a great time. It was a very emotional and touching moment when we said farewell to the people who took care of us and helped us during the trip, and I believe no one will ever forget this memorable experience. ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Overall, it’s been a wonderful trip and everybody enjoyed it. It’s not just about the interesting activity that we had, but more importantly the mentality and spirit that we’ve experienced. We gained a lot more than we expected and we have nothing but compliments for this amazing time.? ? ? ? ? ? ??

Day 4- Action packed

Today was an action-packed day. The students engaged in cooking, farming, hiking, team-building, and Balinese dancing. Each activity presented challenges and opportunities for our students to collaborate and produce outcomes that were greater than themselves. As the day also provided a generous amount of heat, the students teamed together to complete tasks as well as making them fun despite the hot weather.?Throughout each activity, the students were encouraged?to do their best and to also encourage one another.?

Through the activities, I was touched by the friendship between us and how important we are to each other.

ISNS G10 student

The team building activities?brought the students closer as a unit as they worked through activities like being blindfolded in order to complete a task. Overall the team had a very meaningful and fun day experiencing different aspects of Bali culture.

Day 3- Rafting and Artistic expressions

It was an assiduous day for the G10 students, they woke up early at 7 AM to find a nice surprise for them in the lodge. Today they were going rafting! After breakfast, they prepared for their rafting trip and were genuinely surprised by the bulky amount of safety equipment and paddles they needed for the excursion. The guides provided safety instructions and gear to the group and then assigned them to a raft and away they went.?The current was rougher than anticipated, screams and yells of terror , but at the same time, excitement could be heard from miles away.?In the end, they were exhausted and wet but thankful that they?gained the fulfillment of satisfaction and joy from collaborating with their peers in order to complete the course.

Our students enjoyed an exotic lunch and then after went to the Balikuna activity center to craft kites and decorate bags. Students were informed that these activities were all part of the local Indonesian tradition. These activities included collaboration and teamwork as well? as creativity. They were even able to do a little celebration as they wished one of their team members happy birthday with?a proportional amount of cake to brighten the mood.?At the end of the day, our group retired to a very filling dinner and called it a day.?

Day 2- Cycling, Culture and Children

The students began the day biking through the mountainside. They experienced both the mountain roads and trails. Along the way, they were able to enjoy the beautiful sites from the welcoming people to the beautiful?natural environment around them. Many of the group found that cycling up steep hills was a great challenge, but they endured and discovered more about themselves during that process. During their trip, our students visited a local school and met with the children there. The school children were very energetic and greeted our students with enthusiasm. After their visit, they continued on their bike ride. Although cycling proved to be a?formidable foe for many of the group, they felt it was a worthwhile experience.

The experience of learning about a different culture and religion created very valuable memories.

G10 Student

In the afternoon, our group enjoyed a great lunch and then split into two groups. One group worked on grinding cooked cocoa beans, while the others made figures using the Balinese rice dough. The figures would be used as offerings. Before grinding the cocoa beans, our team learned about the traditional way that the Balinese people made chocolate. Their cycling guide, Newman, gave an in-depth?history of chocolate making process to our students so they could better appreciate the task at hand. After, the students dove right in. They learned how to peel the cooked cocoa bean and then began grinding it. Both groups had the opportunity to grind the cocoa beans into powder and then were able to taste the chocolate from those beans they helped to crush. The second activity, provided insight into the Balinese beliefs. Students were shown two different types of offerings. The first was using the rice cake to make different figurines and the second was making a Balinese offering by filling a bamboo container with flowers of different colors. Both, of these items, were used to worship their gods and also to pray for good luck for the Balinese people and their visitors.?Overall, our students enjoyed a great day of exercise for the mind, body, and soul.?

Day 1- Traveling and Journaling

Leaving ISNS at 10:00 AM., the Grade 10 students headed to the Hong Kong airport. Everything was smooth sailing; the group checked-in on time boarded the flight and landed in Denpasar safe and sound. During their flight, students began their work on how they would journal and reflect on each day. Upon arrival, the Grade 10 students met their ground team at the airport and the group boarded a bus to the resort in Ubud. After a long day of travel, everyone headed off to bed to prepare for their early start the next day!